School zones and school reviews

See which schools are in your area and check out their size, demographics and performance.

Choosing a school

You can enrol your child in school once they turn 5.

Many schools in NZ have zones. If you live inside the zone for a school, you’re guaranteed a place there.

Search by your address, region or the name of a school to find:

  • roll size
  • decile
  • zone boundaries
  • contact details
  • bus routes.

Zoning is a way to limit the size of schools based on where students live.

You can apply to go to a school that’s outside your zone, but you might not get in.

Schools are given a rating between 1 and 10. Schools rated 1 get more funding from the government than schools with a rating of 10.

School reviews

The Education Review Office reviews schools every 3 years on average. Their reports review the school’s curriculum, performance and special features. They also include demographic information.

Look up the Education Review Office reports on a school you’re interested in.


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